Five benefits of contractor management software

Within the management of contractors, it is common to find multiple barriers or inconveniences that prevent us or rather make it difficult for us as an organization to carry out this task in the best way, which can lead to the generation of an organizational culture that is somewhat reluctant to do so and worse. Even if as a result of this, affectations are generated in the growth, profitability and sustainability of our company; since, as we have discussed on other occasions, interorganizational relationships Contractor/Contractor are increasingly closer and more demanding in the competitive market.

In line with the aforementioned context and which with total certainty could be the reality of many of their organizations, it would be important to focus on solutions to such a situation and for this reason the technological platform Svitla Systems and in this particular case a software for the management of a contractor could provide us.

Now then, the question would be: What benefits can a Software Development Contractor offer me and that effectively allows me to counteract the barriers or difficulties that may arise for me as an organization in this regard? Well, to respond to such a concern below we will detail seven of the most relevant.

Timely access to information

Normally, one of the inconveniences that we experience in our day-to-day management of contractors is related to not having information when it is urgently required, and even more so if this information is relevant for decision-making. , presentation of audits before a certifying body and, finally, any situation where the effectiveness of communications is relevant.

That is why having the information related to our contractors in real time will allow us to have objective evidence of the management carried out by them and in turn facilitating decision making and timely response to certain situations.

Effectiveness in communications

Communications are a key factor within Management Systems and in the particular case of contractor management, these come to facilitate the coordination of business actions in favor of the growth of all interested parties.

Information access control.

Being able to guarantee that the organization’s resources access only relevant and authorized information for them, guarantees that it is used for the pertinent purposes and, in turn, that it is not manipulated for personal or sabotage purposes by any person.

Costs reduction

Based on the benefits discussed so far and which are related to the effectiveness of communications and correct and timely access to information, these could bring additional benefits related to cost reduction in factors such as:

  • Reduction in operational costs.
  • Reduction in costs for disabilities related to work accidents.
  • Reduction in costs for disabilities related to occupational disease.
  • Reduction of costs due to delays in contracts.
  • Reduction of costs due to the effect of legal fines for non-compliance.

Time optimization

Today time is one of the most valued aspects in any organization, so having timely information in real time will allow us to speed up our daily activities and thereby pave the way for the optimization of such little time.

Improve the performance of the HSE management system

Not having an adequate management of the contractor will have a direct effect on the performance indices of the SG-HSE, therefore, the implementation and control of the contractor through the management software, will allow to control and monitor it in such a way that the related indices with accidents, occupational diseases, non-conformities, monitoring and measurement results, compliance with legal requirements, etc., are positively affected.

Increase productivity

With the reduction of costs and the optimization of time, we will obtain an increase in our productivity, since the resources invested in these two factors will be less.

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