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Get The Best Body Contouring with Tummy Tuck Surgery in Dubai

A tummy tuck is a famous plastic surgery procedure, formally renowned as Abdominoplasty. It is a great technique for changing the appearance of a bulging tummy by eliminating extra fat and loose skin. It even builds a flatter, smoother abdominal outlook using recovering the depleted muscles of the abdominal.

Among other treatments, it is one of the most performed plastic surgery in Dubai.

For Which Candidates Tummy Tuck Surgery Is Best?

Both males and females can equally gain advantage from the remedies of Tummy Tuck surgery in Dubai. If you are wondering about yourself, you may be an ideal candidate for Tummy Tuck plastic surgery in Dubai if:

Your belly fat is not giving any positive response to diet control as well as numerous exercises meant for your belly area.

The belly is extra bulging due to the issues of laxity or segregated abdominal muscles.

The skin of your belly is drooping as well as sagging.

There are ugly looking stretch marks due to pregnancy on your abdomen area.

How The Procedure Works

In the process of a tummy tuck, extra skin and loose fat are discarded from the area of the abdomen. The connective tissue in the abdomen (fascia) generally is firmly fastened along with sutures. The remaining part of the skin is then moved and transferred to develop a much more tight and toned look.

What Must You Consider When Looking for Tummy Tuck Surgery in Dubai?

Even after exercise as well as dieting, slumping skin can be visible very evidently and that turns out to be very unattractive. A tummy tuck surgery takes great care of this problem, along with offering your waist a smoother shape. A much-improved posture can also take care of prevailing back pain issues & keeps the possibility of a ventral hernia away. A tummy tuck surgery in Dubai can prove to be a one-stop solution for multiple age-related as well as cosmetic problems.

Treatment Alternatives for Tummy Tuck in Dubai

There are multiple varieties of Tummy Tuck surgery in Dubai, each formulated to deal with particular problems in an effective manner. The process of healing consequently creates the desired contour of your dreams.

The mini tummy tuck: The mini tummy tuck surgery process flattens the bulge appearing in the lower sides of the tummy. A very précised lateral incision is made between the hipbones in the area that would generally be covered by the bikini bottom. This helps the surgeon to fasten the muscles beneath and cut down the extra skin. Most of the patients are able to live their normal lives within 7 days.

The full tummy Tucks: Full tummy tuck is ideal for those who aim to flatten the area above and below the belly button. The method involves a lateral incision between the area of the hip bones. At times, it also involved an incision along with the belly button. The normal healing time is approximately two weeks long.

Fleur-de-lis Tummy Tuck: The Fleur de Lis tummy tuck surgery in Dubai is aimed to eliminate major excess skin from the entire mid-section. This process consists of a lateral incision similar to the traditional tummy tuck, as well as an incision that runs vertically up the middle of the stomach.

The Extended Tummy Tuck: For an extended tummy tuck, horizontal incisions may be extended around the lower belly and across the hips, and vertical incisions can also be necessary. Individuals undergoing this kind of surgery should consider their recovery to take a few weeks.

Looking for the Best Surgeon for tummy tuck surgery in Dubai: Online reviews with before-after images will give you a great idea of who to trust for your tummy tuck surgery. Make sure to select a surgeon who understands the expectations you have for your surgery. Also, be certain if he/she can provide expert advice on how to proceed based on your specific case.

Tummy Tuck Surgery at The Nova Clinic – Your Right Solution

The Nova Clinic is one of the top-rated plastic surgery centers in Dubai for tummy tuck surgery and a range of other cosmetic procedures. We have highly skilled cosmetic surgeons who use specially designed surgical procedures for exceptional results. Get connected today and seek free consultation services to get your body into the perfect shape of your dreams.

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