What Does it Need to Start a Linux Reseller Web Hosting India Business?


Starting a new hosting business from scratch requires a lot of money. There are a lot of people who do not have that much money but eagerly want to start a business in the hosting industry. So, many companies offer reseller hosting services for those who want to build a hosting business with a low investment. There are not many things that you need to have for the business as the parent web host will manage the hardware resources. One of the many companies that provide affordable web hosting services is Hostbillo, which offers the best deal for Linux Reseller Web Hosting India plans.

In this article, first, we will talk about what needs to start a Linux Reseller Hosting business in India and then know about Hostbillo hosting services.

What it Needs to Start a Linux Reseller Hosting Business in India?

There are not many things that you need for your reseller business. You only have bought the plans from a reliable that fulfills all the criteria that you have for your business. Here are some points that describe what are the needs of your business.

  1. Getting an ideal package of Linux Reseller Hosting Plans India from a reliable host is what you need first. And this must include all the tools and features that you want to serve.
  2. WHM Access- With WHM access you will be able to create cpanel accounts for your customers and manage them. It also lets you modify the service plans according to your business profit margin.
  3. WHMCS- WHMCS auto-generates the invoices of your customers and keeps track of the payment record.
  4. You need to customize the Linux Reseller Hosting India plans so that you can make huge profits from the business.
  5. The main important thing that you need in a reseller business is White label hosting services. It lets you put your company name on the hosting plans that help you in building your own hosting brand.

Get Hostbillo’s affordable and Best Linux Reseller Hosting India Plans

Hostbillo is a leading web hosting company that is quite popular for providing the best hosting services in India. These services include features like bandwidth, SSD storage, updated OS, and many other features that you will know further in this article. Hostbillo offers Linux Reseller Web Hosting India plans at a low-cost price that includes WHMCS and WHM services. These plans also include a free SSL certificate, free migration assistant too.

Advantages of Hostbillo’s Linux Reseller Hosting Plans India

All the things that you need to start your hosting business, Hostbiilo will offer with the Linux Reseller Hosting India services. Here know more about them.

Web Host Manager Access

Hostbillo offers you WHM access with its reseller hosting plans as you can manage your customer accounts with the help of it. This access lets you create multiple control panel accounts for your clients so that they can also manage their website with it. As Linux is liable with cpanel so you get a cpanel control account.

Plans and Packages Customization

In Linux Reseller Web Hosting India, you can modify the service plans. Since Hostbillo provides you with WHM access, you can make changes to your package and, if you wish, add additional features that you want to sell.

WHMCS Services

With Hostbillo’s Best Linux Reseller Hosting India, you get free WHMCS services that help you in tracking the payment of your customers. It is an auto-generating billing machine and an ideal solution for resellers.

White Label Hosting Services

As a reseller having your own brand name in front of the services is also a part to make your business successful. Because white labeling gives you the authority and power to sell the hosting plans on your brand name legally. There will be no problem. Therefore, Hostbllo provides Linux Reseller Web Hosting India plans with white label services.

Flexible Resources

Linux Reseller Web Hosting India from Hostbillo provides flexible resources like maximum Bandwidth, SSD storage, SSL certificate, etc.

Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting India Plans

Hostbillo always tries to provide affordable services to its customers. As it also offers 7 days credit back guarantee with its India Web Hosting Services with a 24*7 customer support system. Its Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting plan starts from INR 770. Just imagine you can start your hosting business just at a 770 INR investment. That’s awesome, isn’t it? Here look at the pricing section of the services.


So, now you know what a Linux Reseller Web Hosting India wants to start a business. You can’t just buy the plans and sit around, you have to make some efforts to grow it and make some marketing strategies to keep growing your business.

You can buy Hostbillo’s Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting India plans and start your business. It provides all the necessary features that you may need for your company. 

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