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Web Design Basics

Website Design Dundee, Choosing an impressive website design is one of the best ways to improve many aspects of your company. It can enhance sales, customer outreach, and revenue. To choose the right web design for your company, you should know a few things about web design. Read on to discover the best website designs. Listed below are five of the most popular web designs. You can use these to start developing your own website. Once you understand web design basics, you can use them to develop a successful website.

UX design

There are several benefits of incorporating user experience (UX) design into a web design project. User experience helps the website design team determine how users want to interact with the site. UX design helps web designers create interactive websites that make the customer experience as smooth as possible. Website Design Dundee, It also provides users with guides for a smooth flow of information. Moreover, effective UX can help a website rank higher in search engines. For example, Google gives high priority to page load speed and mobile-friendly design.

Responsive website design

With more people accessing the internet on their smartphones and tablets, responsive website design is essential to your business’s success. A good responsive design makes your website look great on all kinds of devices, no matter the size. Dundee Website Design, You can download a PDF version to read offline or share with coworkers. As a result, you’ll experience higher conversions and business growth. Here are three ways responsive website design can increase your business’s success.


What is usability of web design? Simply put, usability means making a website easy to use and understand. There are many misconceptions about usability, including the fact that it requires expert usability testing, which only multi-national companies can afford. However, with a few tips, you can easily achieve the same level of usability without hiring usability experts and purchasing expensive testing equipment. Read on for some usability basics to help you create a website that your customers will love!

Graphic elements

The use of graphic elements in web design has increased dramatically over the past few years, largely due to the lack of coding required to create them. These visual elements can focus site visitors’ attention while also serving a variety of purposes, depending on the audience. Graphic buttons are an important part of any web application, allowing graphic addition of information to a page, as well as interaction with users. Keeping these elements simple and straightforward is critical. Complicated icons can lead to confusion.

Media queries

If you’re looking to add a media query to your web design, you need to know how to use it correctly. This simple technique will change the background color of a web page depending on the device’s width. You can read the code snippet below. To use media queries correctly, you must make sure that you’re using the correct media type. There are several media types, so be sure to select the one that works best for your site.


Breakpoints in web design are the boundaries you set for a site. These zones allow your site to adjust to the screen size of different users. They also make media queries easier to handle. For example, when your website is viewed on a 768px-wide device, CSS will apply. Website design Dundee, However, if your website is viewed on an iPhone or iPad, CSS will only apply within a certain range. When determining breakpoints for your website, you can use min-width, max-width, or a combination of both.

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