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Why are hippies in love with cannabis?

Cannabis is a well-known plant on planet earth. Some consider it a sacred plant and some think of it as a weed. Ironically this weed is the most wanted plant as well. However, cannabis falls under the schedule A drug in many parts of the world. Moreover, there is a community that cherishes this super plant, that is the hippie community. It is not absolute that every hippie is a consumer of cannabis but surely be knowing the benefits and importance of the super plant to heal the earth. Hippy culture is all about peace and harmony. So does the cannabis plant have the potential to substitute the reasons for the destruction of the earth, such as fuel and plastic. This plant has a lot more to give that a plethora of individuals do not know.

Benefits of the Cannabis plant

This plant is well known in every corner of the planet for sure. It not only provides you with euphoria and high. Moreover, this plant has fascinating properties which are still not known by a large number of individuals, and because of that reason, there is a taboo in society regarding this plant. Therefore, we have a few examples to open the curtain to your eyes.

Medical Benefits of the Cannabis plant

We live in a generation that is suffering from the opioid crisis. we face a large number of deaths across the globe just because of opioid addiction. Opioids like heroin and fentanyl are some of the main causes of death. Indeed, cannabis has compounds that can help overcome this epidemic. Moreover, the cannabis plant is a natural pain killer. This plant is not only a substitute for opiates available in society but has the potential to treat many other serious diseases. Some of the diseases that the cannabis plant can be used to treat are as follows:-

  • Parkinsons
  • Asthma
  • Nausea
  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Various types of cancer
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  • Glaucoma

These are just a few examples of how the medical cannabis plant can benefit our health. It’s high time now to adopt a healthy lifestyle with organic living with Cannabis. 

Industrial benefits of the cannabis plant

The cannabis plant is also considered to be a miraculous plant. This plant not only has some medical benefits but also has some magnificent qualities that can especially help us to overcome global warming and stop the planet earth from choking itself. The cannabis plant can be used as a substitute for many industrial items. Addidas was the first shoe brand to make shoes out of the cannabis plant. Moreover, Henry Ford was the first person to make a car out of a cannabis plant. These are just two examples of the potential of this miraculous plant. This plant has a lot more to give:-


We love trendy clothes and to be updated in society about fashion. The dark truth is that all these fashion industries do not tell us about air and water pollution caused by the production. The cannabis plant has an amazing quality by which we can produce the yarn and fiber. The cannabis-based fabric is considered to be the strongest fabric on planet earth. 

It does not excrete waste nor involves harming animals while production. It also does not contribute to global warming, unlike the other fabrics. Moreover, cannabis is easy to cultivate in a short period.

Substitution of Fuel and plastic

Fuel and plastic are the necessities. As well as the top contributors to global warming and the reasons why the earth is collapsing. We can not imagine our life without these two essentials for sure. Indeed, the cannabis plant has the potential to substitute plastic. Cannabis has the potential to generate more energy than conventional fuel. No part of the cannabis plant turns out to be waste, every part can be utilized to form healthy earth. This plant has soo much to give, maybe that is the reason why the hippies are in love with it. There is a lot more to know and explore about the plant. Indeed this plant is a super plant and has the potential to heal the planet earth. Indeed the cannabis plant is a healer.

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