Why are your Instagram stories not getting any views via hashtags?

Instagram Stories Not Getting Any Views Via Hashtags?

Five hundred million Instagram users use Instagram stories every day. These stories are a great way to increase your account’s growth and reach more of the people you want.

Depending on how many people interact with your account, every Instagram story will appear in your followers’ timelines.

This is a great way to keep relevant to your existing audience and reach new people through hashtags or location tags. Have you ever shared a story with a hashtag that only received a handful of views?

It can happen to anyone. It is possible that your story is not getting the most views on hashtags. You need to identify the problem and fix it immediately.

These are five reasons your Instagram stories may not be getting enough views using hashtags.

#1: You don’t have enough fans

This could be why people aren’t looking at your stories if you’re new to the platform. Your account should have less than 500 followers Get It From comprarseguidoresportugal. If it’s been around for less than six months, you might not appear on any hashtags you use to tell your story.

This could impede your progress but don’t panic! You only need to grow your account so that views come every time you add a hashtag to your story.

#2: You post low-quality content

The quality of your content is another factor influencing how many hashtag views you receive per Instagram story. It is no secret that videos and pictures with high-quality images get more views.

It makes sense. Instagram is all about visuals. Therefore, the best way to maximize your story (and profile) is to focus only on high-quality content.

Do not be afraid to relax! Do not put too much pressure on yourself. Instead of posting ten low-quality photos, work hard to create a great one. One good-looking story with a CTA message (Call To Action) will bring the best results to your profile.

#3. The volume of your #hashtags

You might not have reached 500 followers yet, but there may be something that is keeping you from getting thousands of views each day. It could be your choice of the hashtag. Be prepared to disappoint if you use one-word hashtags trending in your story.

Your story will face a lot of competition, and I mean a lot. click here to rank among the accounts that use the same hashtag with more followers, likes, comments, and posts.

If you are part of a special event, don’t worry about trending words. Focus on hashtags that are between 100 000 and 2M posts. You can attract more people and convert them into followers if you use a niche hashtag.

If you use multiple hashtags in your stories, this is a great idea: mix small-volume hashtags (less than 250 000 posts) and a larger set (around 500 000 – 1M posts).

Even though some niches use Instagram stories more than others, posts are the best way to determine how competitive a hashtag is. Before you choose the hashtag for your next story, look at how many people add stories to this hashtag each day.

#4 Your Instagram account’s engagement rate

Your Instagram account’s engagement rate could be another reason your story and profile aren’t getting enough views. A high engagement rate will make you more likeable to Instagram’s algorithm and more discoverable. You will also have a greater chance of being on the Explore Page.

This theory is based on a hypothesis I tested with two Instagram accounts. It was no surprise that accounts with high engagement rates (15%) received three times as many views from the hashtag than accounts with normal engagement rates (7%).

#5 Your Instagram Story is not relevant enough

Stories are just as important on Instagram as hashtags. Choosing your words carefully and using a hashtag that reflects what you want to share is important. Be very specific when choosing your hashtag.

If you take a photo of your Siamese cat that isn’t visible in the box, hashtags such as #cat or #siamese won’t get many views on your Instagram story.

Instead, it would be best if you tried to find a good volume hashtag that includes a cat (best case scenario) and a box. The hashtag #catinabox is a great example.

It can be frustrating not to get views on your story, but it is not the end. Although hashtags from stories can help you grow and convert views to followers, likes, and followers to your account, they shouldn’t be the only way.

There are many ways you can increase your followers and reach. Find what works for you and keep doing it until it stops working.


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