Astrologer and Her Secrets

Jai Madaan gives astrology headlines on India Information Network. Madaan also acts for Time Of India news and magzine for Lifeline with Jai Madaan. she also have, a Youtube station she launched in March 2017, offers her spiritual advice.

Jai was both born and raised in Delhi. Manav Sthali, Delhi. Later, she was granted admission to Miranda Property, Delhi College. She has performed college graduation in Viewpoint. Viewpoint, the college graduation amount, gave her a new perspective to see the world. While living at the institution, she developed a passion for astrology.

The Miranda House

The Miranda House was where she learned about astrology in many ways, including tarot reading, face numerologist, and Vastu. She also discovered that shastra could be read. She decided to work in astrology. Her teachers and moms were surprised at such a strange career choice made by an attractive and intelligent girl. Her way was to convince everyone that her chosen career would help many people.

How to contact Jai Madaan

Jai Madaan’s ability to offer advice and support to family members is also why she is so well-known. Her reputation as a successful speaker and marketer has made her a household favourite. Numerous family members have benefited from her ability to resolve problems and save loved ones, such as those between couples. People keep trying to get in touch with her because of this.

If you want to contact her, it is best to leave a note on her social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Jai Madaan Husband, Family

Jai Madaan is married and lives with her other half in New Delhi. There are no details about her partner, however. Her one-year-old daughter is showing an interest in astrology.

Shashi Tharoor & Jai Madaan

Jai Madaan quickly shared a tweet that showed her sitting in a restaurant with Shashi Tharoor. There were many others. That said, this picture caused a lot of confusion on social networking sites, and people began to connect her with Shashi Tharoor.
Her height is 5ft 6ins. She weighs 60kgs.

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