Best Way to Repair Corrupted EDB Files

This technical write-up will clear all doubts of the users who are dealing with the issue to repair corrupted EDB files through different solutions. Before heading forwards, we will give you some brief about EDB. EDB files are associated with the Exchange server database; it stores the complete data of Exchange in it. 

But multiple instances that the Exchange administrator might be facing in real-time are the corruption of the EDB files. It happens whenever the Exchange database files (EDB) cross their permissible size limit or for other reasons. If a corruption occurs in the .edb, it will not allow users to access their data. 

So to make you aware of some situations when the EDB files become vulnerable to corruption, we will cover up many aspects, along with checking the tried & tested solutions to recover them.

Common Instances when EDB files become Unresponsive

Most Exchange administrators are facing the issues when they are not able to check the Exchange data or are unable to make some changes to it. We have prepared a list of common problems/instances when EDB becomes corrupted.

  • One of the prevalent factors behind the EDB corruption is the accidental shutdown of the MS Exchange.
  • Virus attacks on the system are also the key reasons for any damage in EDB.
  • Whenever the recommended size of the EDB file gets crossed, the EDB file will become unresponsive, or the user will be unable to access the Exchange data.
  • Other possibilities could be the hardware and the software issues of the system.

EDB files are highly prone to corruption in the situation we have just discussed but reinstating the EDB file in the same state where it was before corruption is very difficult. Don’t worry if you are a novice or a technical user. We will update some ways you can look to repair corrupted EDB files, which we will be focusing on in the next part of the article. But before proceeding, let’s briefly summarize the common errors while opening the EDB.

  1. Error 515: “JET_errInvalidLogSequence”
  2. Error 1018: “JET_errReadVerifyFailure”
  3. Error 1216: “JET_errAttachedDatabaseMismatch Issue”
  4. Error 1601: “Operation terminated with error 1605 
  5. Error 1605: “Operation terminated with error -1605 (JET_errKeyDuplicate, illegal Duplicate Key) after y seconds.”
  6. Dirty Shutdown: “Error database was not shut down properly

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Manual Method to Repair Exchange Database files

Microsoft Exchange uses EDB to allow users to access their data. As the EDB file is essential for the working of the Exchange, whenever the user finds some issue in the Exchange database file, they need to fix it on priority. Exchange provides utility to repair corrupted EDB files such as ESEUTIL. It is an executable utility to repair the EDB file. But before repairing the EDB, using this utility is advisable to back up the Exchange data. 

Location of ESEUTIL Utility: 

Before repairing the EDB files, the Exchange administrator needs to check out the overall health of the Exchange database, which can be done by running the PowerShell commands. After that, to repair corrupted EDB files, the admin can use the ESEUTIL utility. After repairing, the Exchange admin requires placing the EDB files back in the original position in the Exchange.

However, using this utility requires high technical expertise and consumes time. If anything is done wrong during the repair process, it can lead to the permanent loss of data. With all such limitations, it is better to use the automated EDB repair solution.

Professional Solution to Effectively Repair corrupted EDB files

Health EDB files are important for the smooth working of the Exchange, but there are scenarios where they get compromised. So we have included the various aspects of the EDB corruption and provided the manual solution to cope with them. But the manual method is not recommended for non-tech users, so it is an excellent strategy to utilize some better alternative.

Shoviv EDB to PST Converter is one of the advanced utilities to solve the problem of Exchange database file corruption. Using this tool, the user can easily add on multiple corrupted EDB files and recover them with ease. Before starting the process to repair corrupted EDB files, the software does not change the hierarchy of added EDB file items. Due to its higher data processing speed, it can complete the repair process in minimal time.

If the user has an EDB file of any Exchange version, the software quickly recovers them with ease. In addition, the software also comes along with its free demo version, which makes possible to recover the first 50 items per folder.

Wrap Up EDB file is an important file, and the Exchange uses it to save its complete data. If we talk about the level of EDB error, then it can be physical and logical. PowerShell commands exist which can help to repair .edb but they are unable to repair corrupted EDB files mailboxes completely. Owning all the drawbacks of the manual repair method, we will not suggest going with this method. Alternatively, the better way to repair them is using professional software. We have explained one such utility, which you can take a look over it and test all features through their trial version.

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